Qatar is hosting the Formula One World Championship and is embracing the power of automobiles.

  A look at how the automobile, supercars, and racing have influenced and continue to define Qatari culture is the subject of this documentary. Drift and drag are two terms that are used to describe how something moves. The Qatar Racing Club is in charge of putting on the country's drag and drift competitions. Cars may travel at speeds of more than 500 km/h and cross finish lines in a matter of seconds. A popular kind of motorsport in Qatar is drag racing, which is a competition between two automobiles and their drivers. Mechanics labor tirelessly to prepare each high-performance car for racing, while authorities keep an eye on the circuit to ensure that drivers are not in danger. "...far more enjoyable than any other contest..." Mustapha Atat, also known as (Al Anabi Performance driver) "Drag racing is a difficult sport that demands a high level of talent. Safety and route preparation take up the bulk of the time. "It is more thrilling than any other race,"